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Facilitate partnerships between brands and races and events in order to help them achieve their respective objectives. My agency serves as a central hub where brands can efficiently connect with relevant races and events to engage with their target audience effectively. By offering a comprehensive suite of marketing and consulting services, I aim to streamline the process for teams, saving them time, energy, and resources. My passion for running drives the dedication to fostering these connections, and I strive to create mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved on a daily basis.

Passion changes everything.

RaBrEv stands as the culmination of 18 years of professional experience for Melissa. Her tenure in this role has afforded her the opportunity to masterfully navigate the realm of sports sponsorship, honing her expertise in facilitating lucrative partnerships between brands and large-scale running organizations.

Driven by her passion for running (specifically marathons) and sports and fueled by her astute business acumen, she noticed a pivotal discrepancy within the industry: the disparity between the wants and needs of brands and races. Understanding the two entities couldn't be commodified like traditional media, she embarked on a mission to help the two.

Since its inception over 9 years ago, RaBrEv has emerged as a beacon of excellence in facilitating strategic alliances between brands and races on both local and national scales. Through meticulous matchmaking and leveraging her extensive network, she has enabled brands to reach the endurance market, sporting events,  ski resorts, and concerts to name a few, yielding significant returns on investment amounting to millions of dollars.

With a steadfast commitment to professionalism and a track record of unparalleled success, RaBrEv continues to redefine the landscape of race branding, catalyzing the evolution of the industry while empowering both brands and races to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

She is the mom of 2 beautiful girls who she is inspired by everyday.  London in 2024 will be her 18th marathon and 5th World Marathon Star.

We connect brands with events, events with brands.

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