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We match brands with races and events to help them accomplish their goal in reaching and activating within their target audience.  Our boutique marketing agency approach allows us to be your one stop shop that saves teams time, energy resources and money. Running is our passion, connecting is what gets us excited and creating win, win, wins are mission daily.

Passion changes everything.

We connect brands with experiences.

We connect experiences with brands.

We fill in the gaps of the full race network sponsorship

RaBrEv was created by of a former Professional Sports Sponsorship Account Exec, who happened to love running marathons and became really good at it. After working in a dream job in Chicago where she worked with a large running organization, creating opportunities for multiple brands to reach thousands of runners, she saw the big picture.  Brands and Races don't always speak the same language, nor can you buy it like any other form of Media.  For over 4 years now, she has been on her own helping brands connect with races locally and nationally, while also helping races connect better to brands.